Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Games

With the popularity of Ben ten games among children now developers made many new interesting games. One of them is Ben Ten Energy Hunter. The game is so much interesting and tactically. You have follow a strategy to playing this game Ben Ten will be I a room in which laser beam will be active all around .the main goal is to exit from the room without coming in the access of laser beam because if you will be caught by the laser beam then the game will be instantly finished. So be careful while moving in the room. On each level different arrangement of laser beam will be settle down .you have to safely move through the laser beam when the laser will be away from the way ,then move from that place to reach to the exit door. Here can be more doors in the room but you can only go through one door to the next level. So carefully choose the right one. Here will e option of map that will tell you about the location or your position .map will tell about e on which place or room Ben Ten is.

The game is so simple to play with the help of keyboard. Use the same arrow controls that are commonly used for playing games or to move objects in the game.

1. If you want to move Ben Ten in right direction then use the “right arrow “key from the keyboard. When you will press the right arrow key Ben Ten will start moving in right direction.
2. Same like above if you want to move en ten in left direction then make the use of “left arrow key”.
3. For moving Ben Ten in up and down direction .make use of the up/down arrow keys.
4. You can also use the map to check the position of Ben Ten.
5. Each room doors are joined with the other rooms. You can enter to the next room by crossing the laser beam safely without being touched with it.

Good luck and enjoy your game!