Ben 10 Ultimatrix

Play the amazing Ben 10 Ultimatrix game and destroy enemies. Get ready to go on an ultimate adventure with adorable Ben 10. The goal of the game is to help Ben 10 cover the path full of obstacles.

Begin by clicking on the START button on the right side of the screen. On the Main Menu, press PLAY to start the game with Ben 10.

Use RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys to make Benn 10 move forward and backward. Press the UP arrow key to jump and press the UP arrow key while in the air to jump higher. Use SPACEBAR to fire and X key to change Ben 10’s weapon. Ben 10 begins the game with only one weapon and collects other weapons on the journey. Help Ben 10 cross the path safely by crossing obstacles and avoiding or destroying monsters.

Ben 10’s life meter is shown on the top of Ben 10. One life is used up when the life meter gets empty. The game is over when you use up all the six lives.

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