Ben 10 Car Racing

Now learning mathematics is fun with Ben 10. Play the amazing car racing game and win by answering the correct answers to the mathematical questions. Play this amazing Ben 10 car racing game and take part in the fun style of learning.

Click on PLAY to move to the next screen and select the level of the game: 0-5, 2-9 or 3-12. Chose a car of your choice for Ben 10 and begin the game by clicking on the right answer. The mathematical problem appears on the upper left corner of the screen and answer options appear on the top of the screen. Clicking the right answer helps Ben 10 move forward while a wrong answer brings opponents closer to Ben 10. Get most answers right to win the game. If you want to play another stage, click on PLAY AGAIN and start over.

Don’t forget to learn what you got wrong!

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